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The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 0 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 38

org.apache.giraph.TestGraphPartitioner Line
this is fragile (breaks with legit serialization changes) 53
org.apache.giraph.block_app.framework.AbstractBlockFactory Line
- see if it should be deprecated 190
org.apache.giraph.block_app.framework.internal.BlockWorkerContextLogic Line
add support through conf for postApplication, if needed. 89
org.apache.giraph.block_app.framework.internal.BlockWorkerPieces Line
extract splitting logic into common utility 112
org.apache.giraph.block_app.framework.piece.DefaultParentPiece Line
move to GiraphConstants 71
Java8 - move these as default functions to VertexSender interface 291
org.apache.giraph.block_app.migration.MigrationMasterCompute Line
--No comment-- 191
org.apache.giraph.bsp.CentralizedServiceWorker Line
how to avoid this additional function 221
org.apache.giraph.comm.messages.PointerListMessagesIterable Line
- if needed implement same for Safe as well 60
org.apache.giraph.comm.messages.primitives.long_id.LongAbstractListMessageStore Line
- can parallelize? populate with vertex ids already known 79
- discussion 140
org.apache.giraph.comm.messages.primitives.long_id.LongPointerListMessageStore Line
- any better way? 100
org.apache.giraph.comm.netty.handler.SaslServerHandler Line
Move out into a separate, dedicated handler: ("FirstRequestHandler") or similar. 60
Move out into a separate, dedicated handler. 92
--No comment-- 116
org.apache.giraph.examples.SimpleFailComputation Line
Change this behavior to WorkerContext 37
org.apache.giraph.function.ObjectTransfer Line
Java8: cleanup callers 81
Java8: cleanup callers 102
org.apache.giraph.graph.GiraphTransferRegulator Line
implement defaults and configurable options for measuring the size of input <V> or <E> data per read vertex, and setting limits on totals per outgoing graph data Collection etc. (See GIRAPH-260) 35
org.apache.giraph.io.hcatalog.GiraphHCatInputFormat Line
Currently each partition is split independently into a desired number. However, we want the union of all partitions to be split into a desired number while maintaining balanced sizes of input splits. 257
org.apache.giraph.io.hcatalog.HiveUtils Line
use Hive util class if this is already provided by it 32
org.apache.giraph.worker.BspServiceWorker Line
Make this check configurable by the user (i.e. search dmesg for problems). 278
org.apache.giraph.worker.VertexInputSplitsCallable Line
this works for generic OutEdges, can create a better api to support more efficient translation for specific types 204
org.apache.giraph.writable.kryo.KryoWritableWrapperTest Line
see if this can be supported, though this is a rare case: assertTrue(res == res.get(4)); 86
org.apache.giraph.yarn.GiraphApplicationMaster Line
--No comment-- 95
--No comment-- 191
- what is the range for priority? how to decide? 269
provide actual call back details 340
org.apache.giraph.yarn.GiraphYarnClient Line
priority and queue Set the priority for the application master Priority pri = Records.newRecord(Priority.class); 141
- what is the range for priority? how to decide? pri.setPriority(amPriority); appContext.setPriority(pri); 144
--No comment-- 158
--No comment-- 245
--No comment-- 258
REMOVE examples jar! 438
Make constant 439
add the runtime classpath needed for tests to work 502
log4j? 529
org.apache.giraph.yarn.YarnUtils Line
Separator 187